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Althalia and Granvision france launch, in partnership, the first ophtalmology telemedecine service


A new healthcare pathway placing patients located in medical deserts at the center of a new medical organisation at high standards.

The French health system is evolving. Prevention is becoming a priority of the government’s health plans. Therefore, a system that needs better prevention must focus both on the patients themselves and the quality of care. It must also take recent technologies and new habits of patients into account, as well as be accessible by all throughout the country.

The aim of promoting the visual health of all French people and providing screenings for visual disorders to as many people as possible, particularly in medical deserts, led Althalia, a healthcare coordination company and signatory of a telemedicine contract with the Regional Health Agency of Ile de France, to develop an ophthalmology telemedicine service.

This innovative system offers a new healthcare pathway with the patient at the heart of the organization: In a dedicated and secure room in the stores of participating opticians, comprehensive measures for the screening consultation are performed by an ophthalmologist during the visio-consultation, with the help of trained and qualified opticians. The patient can thus interact with the ophthalmologist, in real time conversation and through image transmission, in a secure and equipped environment to promote a qualitative approach to tele-health.

This new organization, called, has been presented to knowledgeable authorities and guarantees high medical, ethical and security standards.

It is on that the patient begins his care journey: He can geolocate and select the nearest optician in his location and book his video-consultation. He will have to answer a medical questionnaire that will be confidentially addressed to the ophthalmologist, who is the only one entitled to decide if the patient is eligible for telemedicine (according to age or medical history). Following the validation of the file, he will be able to go to the shop selected for the video consultation. According to the results of the medical examination, the patient will then directly receive a prescription in his private confidential space. The patient has no obligation to purchase visual aids from the selected optician.

Grand Vision France has decided to join the innovative Althalia service because it is part of the overall reform of the health system whose vocation is to “take care of everyone,” regardless of their location in the country. Grand Vision France is thus participating in the development of skills for opticians, an evolution that is highly suitable for the profession. With its regional roots, the GrandVision Group wants to involve its opticians in the care of vision in territories that cannot meet the demand in terms of healthcare providers.

GrandVision France supports Althalia’s solution, a guarantee of quality and security of the act of telemedicine and collaboration with health professionals. Thus, the opticians of GrandVision France located in the medical deserts will attend to patients in a dedicated room that is phonetically and visually isolated; they will be trained to work with the medical devices and videoconferencing by the providers and, above all, they will interact under the authority of ophthalmologists on the basis of a protocol defined upstream. is an organization built around and under the supervision of ophthalmologists in close collaboration with opticians and ophthalmic equipment suppliers.

Reservations will be open as of November 1, 2018, with a progressive generalization of participating optician stores in 2019.

This organization is based on several strong principles:

  • Creation of Visual Health Screening and Analysis Outposts
  • Guarantee of continuity in healthcare
  • Guarantee of accessibility to all ophthalmologists and opticians without any competition barriers
  • Guaranteed separation of medical activities and commercial equipment sales activities
  • Quality and safety guarantee throughout the care path



  • About GrandVision France – Optical General, GrandOptical, Solaris

The French subsidiary of GrandVision Group, the world leader in optics with more than 6,100 stores in 44 countries with 34 renowned local brands, aims to become the leading employer in the optical sector. GrandVision in France has more than 800 stores in branches and franchises covering three brands: Générale d’Optique, GrandOptical and Solaris. It is also the largest branch operator in the Optics sector with more than 4,000 employees. Its objective is to contribute to prevention and visual health quality for all categories of the population.

  • About Althalia

ALTHALIA is a French medical services company operating at the European level. It advises and implements prevention programs in health and well-being for its members, individuals and / or employees of small, medium or large corporations.

Althalia’s main mission is to evaluate the quality of health centers and professionals to guarantee high quality care pathways, in the most complete independence from insurers / HR departments or TPI as care providers (care centers, hospitals and practitioners).

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