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Back and joints pain

Chronic Disease Programs (CDMP)

Back and Joint Pain

For adults & seniors


The postures that we adopt while sitting in the office for hours on end are the enemies of spinal well-being.

Intervertebral disturbance treatments involving manipulation are among the best ways to treat low back pain. Such manipulations should be accompanied by physical education about back muscles and about the control of the postures that we adopt while sitting or standing every day.

In France, 100,000 back pain cases each year are declared as occupational accidents and 2,500 as occupational diseases. Assessment should start with a proper clinical examination of the back prior to pursuing further investigations in order to identify the possibility of herniated disc.

The Back and Joint Pain program was designed to enable you to consult an osteopath or therapist about muscle pain and, if necessary, seek consultation from another specialist (e.g., orthopedist, rheumatologist).


The program includes visits with an osteopath or physiotherapist to identify muscular or physical problems before commencing treatment.

One or two classes will teach you about body awareness and postural corrections that will provide relief from mechanically based joint and back pain. Whether you are suffering in your neck, feet, or joints, the Back and Joint Pain program will guide you to replace patterns of wear and tear with habits that restore joints.

You will learn small, but critical positional shifts to apply in your everyday activities. You will learn how to sit comfortably at your desk, drive in your car without pain, and stand happily in line at the grocery store.

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