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Sleep management

Chronic Disease Programs (CDMP)

Sleep Management

For adults & seniors


Approximately 82 distinct sleep disorders can be successfully treated, including the most common: obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, periodic leg movements, and parasomnias (i.e., strange behaviors during sleep or arousal from sleep). It is critical to receive the correct diagnosis and work with a qualified physician to develop a treatment plan.

The chief goals of the Sleep Management program are:

  • To provide the right diagnosis of the cause of the sleep disorder
  • To plan the right treatment and education in order for patients to self-manage their sleeping disorder


The program affords interventions with experts who can diagnose sleep disorders and investigate them by performing overnight sleep studies, or polysomnography (PSG), as well as daytime multiple sleep latency testing (MSLT) in the Sleep Disorders Centre. Although one overnight session is typically sufficient, some patients with atypical results may require additional testing consisting of four or five short naps over the course of a day or need to return for another overnight sleep study for various reasons. Overnight stays begin at approximately 8:00 pm on the test date and end at about noon the following day. If daytime testing is required, then the entire study is usually completed by approximately 6:00 pm. The experts can prescribe treatment and provide recommendations to the referring physician, as well as offer education and support to patients and their families with self-management.

Topics discussed typically include:

  • Sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders
  • Risk factor modification
  • PAP treatment and benefits

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