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Well-Being and Health Programs (WHPs)

Althalia continually strives to improve the daily lives of members. Among our health and welfare drivers, we are pleased to offer all of our members Well-Being and Health Programs (WHPs). Exclusively designed by Althalia, WHPs are a combination of various services customized to help our members to manage their health and that of their loved ones so that they may focus on their personal and professional lives with peace of mind.

For individuals

For employers

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WHPs are either services tailored to suit Althalia members or interventions offered by Althalia for employers or insurers to improve the lifestyle choices and health of families and workers as a way of preventing chronic or serious illness. WHPs can be customized to target organizational and environmental practices in order to improve the overall health and safety of the workplace.

Althalia members’ health is a precious asset that deserves protection for as long as possible. Our list of programs strives to match the complete needs of our members.

WHPs modules prioritize three goals:

  1. Changing daily behavior via an interactive approach with professionals that sets measurable, achievable goals
  2. Comprehensively approaching the fundamentals of life: the body, mobility, nutrition, and state of mind
  3. Adapting to life phases with programs available for different age groups: children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Who can benefit from WHPs?

Members may access the programs as individuals or as part of a family. If you have a Permanent Althalia Membership, one WHP per year per family is included in your yearly subscription.
Employers and insurers can chose to add WHPs to their insurance products.

All WHPs are supervised by doctors from Althalia’s medical team who share a passion and commitment to developing preventive medicine that is effective as well as attentive.

Initial or periodic interviews with doctors are important moments when physicians take the time to listen to and advise you. All consultation and follow-up reports are saved in your personal medical record. Such effective monitoring of progress greatly contributes to the achievement of personal objectives set at the start of WHPs.

For WHPs for children and adolescents, consultations occur in two stages: first with parents and second the child or adolescent. The discussions seek to clarify the problem presented and provide better guidance by referring different specialists and healthcare professionals.

Choose the services that best fit your needs.


Who is it for ?

For children, adolescents, adults, and seniors

Weight Management: Sports

Sport – Nutrition

Who is it for ?

For children, adolescents, adults, and seniors

Weight Management: Nutrition

Who is it for ?

For children, adolescents, adults, and seniors


Online Doctor Consultation

Althalia connects members with high-quality care—anywhere and at any time.

Best-in-class doctors and hospitals

Althalia and its subsidiary Indigomed continually rate and audit 800 healthcare facilities and more than 1,800 specialists according to an internal, multidimensional methodology focused on the use of optimal medical and diagnostic equipment, the prevention of nosocomial infections, the quality of medical publications, and attendance at international medical seminars and congresses by the institution’s relevant medical team members.

Amazing tools

Althalia helps people to make smarter choices with amazing tools, including workflow management aids, calendars, shared documentation services, real-time communications technology, and video chat platforms, among many others.