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Health and Medical Treatment Plans

Althalia is a unique healthcare platform that allows patients and their physicians to consult the most respected medical institutions to access complete medical treatment proposals, rapid hospital admissions, medical investigations, surgery options, hospital accommodations, and much more. With Althalia, patients can access the country and institution of their choice.

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Treatment plan coordination is a unique service that Althalia has developed to help its members make informed choices when they need medical procedures. When quality information is not easily accessible, Althalia can supply you with details regarding which medical facilities can perform certain procedures in a high-quality medical settings and spare you and your family significant time and pain.

Althalia provides:

  • Quality ratings of healthcare providers suitable for requested procedures
  • Information about healthcare provider availability for requested procedures
  • Educational material concerning requested procedures
  • Assistance with financial proposals and appointment scheduling
  • Coordination with rehabilitation providers and disease management teams, if necessary

Choose the service that best fits your needs


One of the best-in-class EU hospitals or institutions

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Medical summary


Case management

Consultation with an Althalia physician

Patient friendly language


One best-in-class EU hospitals or institutions*

of 2 proposed by Althalia

Medical summary


Case management

Consultation with an Althalia physician

Patient friendly language

According to case and organization of treatment and rehabilitation or re-education

How It Works

Request service and upload medical material

Discuss your case with a healthcare manager and receive three options of healthcare providers

Choose your provider and plan and gain hospital admission

Receive your procedure and discharge

Review your discharge documents and care continuum and transmit your personal information

Relay your health record to your rehabilitation provider, if necessary

Althalia’s Key Roles and Guarantees

Althalia’s key roles and guarantees include:

  • Security in storing and transmitting every patient’s confidential information
  • Quality of information at every stage of the process
  • Information exchange that does not compromise security, privacy, or confidentiality
  • Consistency and reliability

Althalia healthcare managers are in charge of managing patients’ entire processes and all of their interactions with medical providers. Althalia healthcare managers are care managers responsible for advising you and advocating for you and your family so that you can access and select from the most appropriate healthcare solutions for the best possible medical outcome.

Improving Patient Safety and Satisfaction

Althalia increases communication and coordination.

Althalia involves patients and their caregivers in decision-making process in order to minimize fragmentation in services.

Althalia increases the healthcare efficiency of the healing process.

Global coordination among patients, families or caregivers, primary care physicians, hospital providers, other healthcare providers, payers, and communities maximizes healthcare responses, quality of care, and cost-effective outcomes.

Althalia improves adherence to patient care plans.

Empowering patients and families or caregivers with knowledge of treatment options, community resources, psychological concerns, and rehabilitation and re-education options ensures that timely, informed decisions are possible.


Online Doctor Consultation

Althalia connects members with high-quality care—anywhere and at any time.

Best-in-class doctors and hospitals

Althalia and its subsidiary Indigomed continually rate and audit 800 healthcare facilities and more than 1,800 specialists according to an internal, multidimensional methodology focused on the use of optimal medical and diagnostic equipment, the prevention of nosocomial infections, the quality of medical publications, and attendance at international medical seminars and congresses by the institution’s relevant medical team members.

Amazing tools

Althalia helps people to make smarter choices with amazing tools, including workflow management aids, calendars, shared documentation services, real-time communications technology, and video chat platforms, among many others.