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Full-Service Permanent Membership

Althalia goes above and beyond what traditional primary care practices offer. Our holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental, and emotional well-being in one-on-one counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing

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We go above and beyond what the traditional healthcare practices offer. Our holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being through one-on-one counseling and comprehensive comprehension of the lives of our members.

The standard membership fee includes the following benefits.

Online Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Every Althalia member will receive online access to his or her personal health record that includes a summary of the annual Althalia wellness exam, laboratory results, EKG, and other important medical information.

Access to High-Quality Healthcare Institutions

We have partnered with nationally and internationally renowned medical institutions. You and your doctor can connect with experts at these institutions to help you to get second opinions, consultation, or specialized treatment if needed.

Permanent international

Permanent International Care Concierge

After becoming a member, you have access to my.Althalia, an innovative personalized service designed to bring convenience and peace of mind to your life. Build a strong partnership with Althalia’s physicians and manage your health with around-the-clock secure messages, medical records, video consultations, and more, all available from one location.



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Access to one well-being

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Access to one second

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Online Doctor Consultation

Althalia connects members with high-quality care—anywhere and at any time.

Best-in-class doctors and hospitals

Althalia and its subsidiary Indigomed continually rate and audit 800 healthcare facilities and more than 1,800 specialists according to an internal, multidimensional methodology focused on the use of optimal medical and diagnostic equipment, the prevention of nosocomial infections, the quality of medical publications, and attendance at international medical seminars and congresses by the institution’s relevant medical team members.

Amazing tools

Althalia helps people to make smarter choices with amazing tools, including workflow management aids, calendars, shared documentation services, real-time communications technology, and video chat platforms, among many others.