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Care is more than curing illnesses.

Althalia is devoted to optimizing healthcare by offering a set of personalized programs and global services. The mission of Althalia’s medical team is to empower you to gain full control over your healthcare decisions at all times and in every setting, regardless of your lifestyle, origin, or pathology.
We are care managers, and we are proud to help and support our members.

Our Services

We believe in more than simply treating you when you are sick. Althalia offers services that enable you to stay healthy all year long and, in the case of sickness, to access best-in-class providers in the fastest way possible.

Visio consultation

Althalia connects members with high-quality care at all times and in every setting.

Who We Serve

We manage the healthcare of individuals and families who benefit from the agreements that we have with their employers or healthcare insurance partners in order to improve patients’ journeys and experiences, wherever they are and no matter their conditions. Our aim is to make quality healthcare easier to access and more responsive to patients’ needs, as well as to improve the experiences of all stakeholders in the treatment process.

Individuals and Families

Trusted care for any medical condition at each step of the healing process is our goal.


By offering a set of flexible programs, Althalia delivers measurably better healthcare outcomes and increases healthcare security for employees.

Brokers and Insurance companies

Althalia provides risk-bearing and claims management entities with innovative, quality improvement and cost-containment programs to identify and manage the most complex and critical of situations.

As a human resources director of a large corporation recently attested :

“Our employees immediately saw the values of the platform and were excited about it. But just as important is the true partnership we have with Althalia.”










Althalia Member Benefits

Access best-in-class
physicians and hospitals

When your health—and perhaps even your life—is at stake, you want to make the most informed decision about your diagnosis and treatment plan by choosing the best possible medical care providers. Althalia guarantees access to high-quality healthcare.

Optimize Your
Care Process

Our mission is to create an exceptional care and service experience for our members. By leveraging new technologies and tools, Althalia’s multilingual, multinational medical team of healthcare professionals will be always at your side.


Video Consultation with Best-in-Class Doctors: Telemedicine That Works

Although telehealth can sound complex, it’s as easy as downloading an app to your phone and video chatting face-to-face with board-certified physicians and therapists, from anywhere and at any time.

Here are our clients and partners

Partnering for Healthier, Happier Lives

Stay Healthy

Society continues to invest shockingly little in sickness prevention. Real, quality healthcare maintains wellness instead of simply treating illness. Althalia structures healthy living programs to provide people with meaningful experiences that transform lives, as well as the tools necessary to change behavior.
We focus on the pillars of well-being:

food and nutrition, physical activity, resiliency and mental health, stress management, and weight control.

Specific knowledge centers and solutions include:

Healthy aging, Kids’ and teens’ health , Travel and health , Sexuality and fertility

Serious and Critical Illness

Serious illness can be a challenge for both patients and their families. Our early involvement in member care allows us to work closely with members, doctors, hospital staff, and other healthcare providers to explain, select, and coordinate the best healthcare choices available to them.
Our services include:

Full case management and second opinions

Specific excellence and knowledge centers for:

Alzheimer’s, Brain and neurological disorders, Cancer, Heart and circulation, Kidney diseases, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Stroke.

Chronic Diseases

Many different illness and health conditions can be classified under the broad heading of chronic disease. Typically, chronic diseases are long lasting and have persistent effects over time. The treatment and management of chronic conditions usually requires a variety of health services. To care for chronic diseases, Althalia offers a wide range of programs and initiatives to support treatment and management in the best ways possible.
Specific programs and knowledge centers include :

AIDS, Alcoholism , Allergy , Anxiety , Sleeping disorders, Arthritis, Asthma, Back pain, Cancer , Depression, Diabetes, Drug addiction, Eating disorders, Headache, Hepatitis, Hypertension , Incontinence, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Pain management, Sexually transmitted diseases , Skin disorders, Smoking.

Well-Being at Work

On average, people in developed countries spend nearly 25 continuous years at work. Althalia helps companies to improve the coordination of benefits for employees with plans and programs to fit any employee population. Each program is adaptable according to the location, sector, corporate activities, tasks, and role of each group of employees, as well as their responsibility and importance to the company.
We offer particular programs for:

Expatriate employees, Temporary movers, Specific sectors


A substantial body of research shows that family members who provide care to individuals with serious, chronic, or disabling conditions are themselves at risk. Emotional, mental, and physical health problems arise from complex caregiving situations and the strains of caring for frail or disabled relatives. Althalia can help those caregivers.